The Importance of a Healthy Relationship with your General Contractor

Picking The Right General Contractor Should Not Only Be Given More Thought, But the RIGHT Thought!

Renovating your home is a very exciting time and also brings many challenges. The primary role of your General Contractor is to bring your vision to life by managing, essentially … everything!

Your General Contractor should be attentive to your wants and needs and should help by –

Listening – Novel thought right? Well it happens less than you think! Your GC needs to convey everything to your architect and make sure the drawings are within your budget and are drawn to your specifications. The only way to properly convey what someone wants is to listen. In some cases, the drawings are already complete when the General Contractor is introduced. In this case, the GC should carefully review these drawings with you, not only for budget and accuracy, but for TIME!

Championing for You – Time is always of the essence, because your time is not only precious, but Time is always Money! Your General Contractor will make a schedule outlining the entire project for subcontractors, material lead times, unforeseen developments and likely changes. The GC uses this schedule throughout the entire process to move your project in the right direction. This is done by not only managing your Subcontractors and the Architect but by rallying them and making sure that Your project is a success.

Knowledge – Managing the Subcontractors is very timely and intricate. Your General Contractor needs to not only know all of the trades but how to perform them. The GC needs to make sure that each Subcontractor is doing the correct job and doing it well and on Time. There will likely be organic Hiccups along the way. Your GC needs to be swift, clever and communicative. Which leads us to … … …

RELATIONSHIP, RELATIONSHIP, HEALTHY RELATIONSHIP – We all want one ! Throughout this lengthy process your GC will be at your side, Listening, Championing, Managing and Caring for the success of your Project. Choose someone you want by your side. This is a partnership with interest sharing and teamwork. Don’t just choose a GC, Choose the right GC!